(they think they’ll get to Heaven through the universe)

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Take That - Apache 2006 (The Making of a Boy Band)

"We all just sat around the screen, and like you see on the stage, that’s how it started. And then Howard was on the other end [makes drum/bass sounds]. It was like every piece went into the computer, like it happened on the stage. It just grew from that. I think Jay basically came up with this thing of ‘imagine if it was like making a boy band’. And over 2 or 3 days then, this piece of music evolved into what you hear on stage. We’re the most proud of pieces like that, because they’ve completely been created by us from the beginning to the end." - Gary

"I said initially how about we try to create or do a mock up or recreation of a boy band. In a way, I think we killed the boy band thing in that one seven minute thing. In that one section of the show we removed ourselves from… We took the set from boy to manhood in a sense.  This is us.  A little of taking the mickey out of ourselves, but also, you know, recognizing that we were part of this whole manufacturing of a boy band thing. I feel strong and powerful on the stage at that point… Cathartic, almost." - Jason

"They threw in all these ideas and it came out as the “I’m the manager, and I’m gonna make a boy band”. We all put little bits of our own lives in, and maybe some of the words are quite to true but some are just, you know… We all know Gary doesn’t wanna dance, or hasn’t wanted to, or have been perceived as not wanting to dance." - Kim [Gavin]

"When we got together, there was all these rules laid down about girlfriends, you had to have make up, you always had to smile, you had to be nice to people that you even didn’t know." - Howard

"[It’s about] Being almost the guinea pigs, being manufactured. Us being in a factory in our suits, like clones. When we first wrote that [the Apache script], I was quite nervous because it was quite wordy. But I think we cut it down to the real concise kind of elements…  The 10 rules. It’s like the 10 Commandments, you know? That’s where the thought came from. It’s a little tongue in cheek, a bit of fun. A lot of it it’s true to our life and very basic on how we were put together and how we formed and how we became Take That." - Mark

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Famous people that you know that you would call a friend, who you would collaborate with in everyday life? 

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| Gary talking about Take That with Mirror’s editor Mark Jefferies in 2013

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